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Empowering organisations to create, manage and scale engaging Conversational AI and chatbot solutions

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We help and advise our business clients on how to use chatbots, digital assistants, and voice as part of their larger digital strategy.


We scope and validate concepts before full delivery - from conversation design, channel strategy, integrations, bespoke development, chatbot build / configuration and testing.


Assisting you in realising the full potential of your Conversational AI platforms and regaining control of your solutions.


We collaborate with you to develop a support strategy that enables you to maximise the value of your Conversational AI systems.

Our global client base

Delivering scalable and engaging conversational experiences for customers and colleagues that improve process efficiency and knowledge source.

Driving value across use cases

Driving customer service

Use conversational AI to guide customers through the buying process and increase sales. With Bessie, a 24/7 chatbot capable of managing enquiries, quotations, and customer support needs, Rentokil Initial improved their customer experience and sales.

Supporting colleagues

Use Conversational AI to help your coworkers by improving the employee experience and increasing productivity. Tesco worked with us to develop Tess, a 24-hour chatbot that assists employees with learning and development, policies, and processes.

Supporting healthcare

Use conversational AI to create a healthcare environment that is easier, friendlier, and more cost-effective. We assisted Boehringer Ingelheim, a multinational pharmaceutical company, in developing a chatbot programme to increase user engagement.

Supporting charities

To help more people, engage more volunteers, and increase contributions, use conversational AI. Versus Arthritis enlisted our assistance in developing AVA, a digital assistant that provides individualised support and guidance to persons with arthritis.

We provide dedicated expertise in the
best-in-class Conversational AI platforms...

Dialogflow CX & ES

Experts in creating great conversational AI experiences with Dialogflow CX and Dialogflow ES.


Building powerful business solutions and connecting the entire Microsoft Power Platform with Power Virtual Agents and LUIS.


Helping operationalise AI and transform how work gets done with IBM Watson.


Specialists in delivering Open Source Natural Language Understanding platforms with RASA.

Our Enterprise Chatbot Platform

EBM gives you the tools and operating model required to effectively manage, monitor, scale and continuously improve your chatbot programs to get the best business results.

Using the latest Machine Learning algorithms in an NLP-agnostic Conversational AI platform, EBM streamlines processes and enables you to maintain complete control of your data and IP.

What our clients say

Creating a successful, valuable conversational AI solution requires careful planning and execution

We are experts in creating conversational AI experiences using the best in class technologies

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Case studies and use cases

Learn how organisations are benefiting from Conversational AI in these customer success stories and use cases.